About Us


 We are a company that cares about it’s customers. We want our customers to succeed.


Our goal is to give you value for your money. Yes we are competitive, but value tops the list. We want you leave us feeling satisfied. We want you to get what you asked for.


Our work must be relevant. Relevant to you and your customers. If our work does not help improve your brand, your pitch, your message- we have not done a good job!


We work very hard to get your trust. We want yu to come back again and again. Oh and we want you to tell your friends about us too!

Man holding card

Christine Kwakwa is the founder of the company. After designing websites for Non-profit organisations she decided to set up this company. 

Pure Digital Creations is purely digital. It focuses on building websites, landing pages and sales funnel thathelp online service providers generate more sales without a complicated sales process.